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teasers, tapes, buttons and bracelets

hi everyone!
thanks again for your support!  we have only 4 days to raise $1000...yikes!  please help us spread the word.
we have more teaser action coming your way this evening, but thought we would show you all the goodies that you get for a simple $10 donation:
side a: 1. adult emotions (demo) 2. pay no mind (boozer) 3. hot air balloon 4. baby houses (demo) 5. north carolina (demo) 6. good bye
side b: 1. friendship bracelet 2. mountain home (demo) 3. the tall guy (demo) 4. national parks (demo) 5. your life is important (demo) 6. secret jammer
donate $25 and you'll get all this plus the new album!


Dale Earnhardt


Hi friends!

Thanks to all who have donated and helped spread the “Natty Parks” word! 
We are getting down to the wire with barely 9 days remaining and we have quite a mountain to climb.  We still need $1,293, which is more than half of our desired goal.  We really need to come together in order to make this video a reality!

If you have ever had a far out dream that seemed unattainable or enjoyed a majestic view, hike, etc in a National Park we urge you to become an active member of our project, donate and spread the word as far as the eyes can see.  If the video is completed, you’ll be able to take pride in knowing that you played just as much a part in bringing “National Parks” into existence as we did.  YOU have the PWR!

Over the remaining days of our project we will be posting teaser videos from some promos we filmed over the weekend.  Here is teaser #2 of 10.

Love you and thanks!

Sarah and Devin