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here's some photos taken over the past few days with my iphone.
my camera got soaked and stopped functioning, but it's working again now... so better photos will be coming soon :)
i ate a cupcake at the cake shop in nyc.
it wasn't very good.
cake shop.  5.24
ray roy manhandled his kitty in nyc
ray roy.
cordey. 5.26
did you know that canadians LOVE ketchup?
they even dip their grilled cheese in it.
at least it isn't mayo (barf)
kate and alex.  5.28
we walked across town to get this awesome strobe light from a dude.
strobe.  5.29


we'll be singing when we're winning.

what's the best part about playing in boston?
leaving boston.
check these awesome videos of us leaving boston.
(they're only awesome because of the songs that are playing on the radio)


philly revisited

here are some photos that dustin took at our show at pilam.
we have this awesome rainbow cloth and philly peeps were really into it.
rainbow cloth.  5.23
pilam.  5.23
ohhhh. 5.23
ceremonial wrapped pre-show.  5.23
yeah girl.  5.23
yay.  5.23
look at this fucking party.  5.23
our tour manager, robbie
you can also see LOTS more pics here 


fire escape

in providence

hotdog on roof

on another roof

in providence. eating a hotdog.

VLOG #2: javelin @ cake shop 5.24

i was lovin this song

roof top shoot. east village. 5.25

east village.  5.25
east village iii.  5.25
east village.  5.25
east village 2.  5.25

cake shop 5.24

our new shirts... can't see the face, but it's there
cake shop 5/24
buddy pics:
kyle mabson
cake shop 5/24
stephe cooper
cake shop 5/24
kyle mabson
cake shop 5/24


harvest moon

devin's totem animal is a brown bear

strong sun moon

sarah's totem animal is a flicker

VLOG #1- 5.24 new york

devin's new workout routine.

philadelphia. 5/23

we played at "pilam" in philadelphia last night.
pilam is an old fraternity house and it is an awesome space.
5/23.  philadelphiafratbike
5/23.  philadelphiafrat
it was definitely the best philadelphia show that we've ever played and could be a contender for best show on tour...
but it's way too early to say.
i didn't take any pics during our set, but a friend did, so hopefully we'll have some soon.
here's one i took during adventure's set.
5/23.  philapelphia


sam tee

yesterday while I was printing tees future islands Sam wanted me to
print on his...
isn't it great!


video shoot with showbeast

happening right NOW

brooklyn 5.19

jessica, ray and charlotte in dan's bus
dan's bus.  5/19
people having fun at our album release party :)
danc-ing iii.  5/19
danc-ing ii.  5/19
tie dye and jessica.
danc-ing.  5/19
ray dance.  5/19
charlotte.  5/19
suitcase.  5/19
the next day we ate at my new favorite restaurant. caracas arepa bar. there are two locations in ny, one in manhattan and one in brooklyn... check it out!
lunch.  5/19
i tried to take a pic of this whale ride, but a car flew in front of me... plus i was in a moving car. still love the whale, though.
whale ride.  5/20


look at this fucking hipster:


summer tour y2k8 revisited

as we prepare to embark on our super animal bros. tour, we would like to take some time and reflect upon last year's tour.  some of these pics weren't previously posted.
everything bagelD in LAunderage
sweat drippin off
dead guy
funny stache
burt reynolds
open sky
lizard in seattle
party room
D & teeth mtn kate
san francisco
always liked this one
underage 2
golden gate