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ain't no party like a turducken party

i was a bit slack about taking photos at the turducken house show in greenville this past weekend. one- because it was so jam packed when we played that i could barely get my arm up and two-because i was busy shaking my ass (completely off) to the other bands. it was the most i have danced in a long time.
the night was...insane, which is par for the course when it comes to greenville.


turducken insanity



p.s. hot shit in store for this summer. hold on to your panties...


some recent-ness

since we were in athens, i'll quote of montreal to sum up these photos.
"Let's just have some fun
Let's tear this shit apart
Let's tear the fucking house apart
Let's tear our fucking bodies apart
Let's just have some fun"

athens watermelons

willy c

rocket dance


mountain xpress article

here's an article about us released in this week's mountain xpress!
there are a couple of teeny errors (we did meet in winston-salem) but overall a very nice piece. thanks to dave cole for taking time to do this <3.
read this article!


love U2

devin pwr loves U2 (especially the joshua tree album)
its hard to believe considering he abhors pretty much every other rock-n-rollie giant out there. even the beatles.
our friend forrest hates U2, so dvn pwr made this remix just for him.


split 7"- any takers?

any kind souls interested in putting out our split 7" with future islands? we worked really hard on this shit and then the label, valiant death records BUCKled. check it out: here
i mean... if you're interested in this it's pretty much going to make you the most famous label. ever.


*edit- link fixed


hostility friday, bitches!

you should read alex's article on hostility friday, featuring a gnarly pic by none other than sarah pwr!
if you weren't there, you missed out on an earth-shattering occasion... and getting to see robbie naked. very naked.  completely naked. for a long time.  like hours.