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Perfect menu

Taco or taco

a day in L.A.

we drove from san diego to L.A. last night.
we are staying with our friend jay from brooklyn who's out here working on a documentary. jay is staying with his friends otto and taylor. they live in an amazing hollywood bachelor pad. we can see the hollywood sign and the paramount tower from their balcony.
so, we awoke to an incredible breakfast prepared by taylor.
as we were finishing up...
it was crazy. we all ran to doorways until it was over (which was a few seconds)
then we walked around hollywood and saw the sights.
i bought some fantastic shoes.
we ate at a fish taco place. the only things on the menu were fish tacos and shrimp tacos.
we went to danzing's house and i took sam's picture in front of it. danzig's assistant was scoping us out. he was wearing a danzig shirt. we played at the smell tonight. devin and i had to be there early for a photo shoot with drew reynolds (
the show was great. then jay made us guacamole. that is all. here are some images from the day.
we are in l.a.
glenn danzig's
in taylor and ottos place
weird face booze got burned
weird face booze
willy c. & weird face booze
jay made us

yesterday's journey

was from tucson, az to san diego, ca. we had to go through some insane desert and crazy desert rock mountains. the van crept very slowly (like 20 mph) up the crazy desert rock mountain and actually died at the top. but then we started it back up and coasted down the mountain. i thought that we were goners for sure. here are a few pics.

the desert was hell.
blurry photo from the road
pics from the road
pics from the road


Amoeba music


Call this dude


Hollywood high

I'll be back...

Futr i's

Willy c.

In Hollywood


we were just in an earthquake!!!



San diego

They're filming a movie or tv show right behind me.


from austin, tx to tucson, az

pic from car window
pic from car window
pic from car window
pic from car window
pic from car window
pic from car window
from austin, tx to tucson, az
from austin, tx to tucson, az
from austin, tx to tucson, az

We are in

The middle of NOwhere


a day in austin, texas

there was the most gi-normous pool in the heart of austin. Barton Springs pool is basically built into a river. i've never seen anything like it. it was incredible... but we didn't want to pay 3 bucks to swim so we went beyond the fence and swam with the dogs.
(click photo to see full image)
swimming hole in austin
whataburger. we didn't eat there. miguel has been providing us with the most awesome food... but we hear it is delicious as far as fast food goes.
these girls tried to bribe me to stay in austin with the promise of a new flavor of cupcake made everyday, kitty cats and dance parties galore. i had to turn them down, but i promised to return.
new austin friends
we got home around 5 a.m.
sleepy babies
sleepy babies
btw, we had a "fried avocado" taco for breakfast this morning... yeah. think about that one for a while.

lost photo from athens

crazy chili face man!!!!
athens, ga


We've been living large at miguel's. we will be sad to go. His pool is awesome!!!!


I heart hermie

Sarah pwr, devinpwr, sam, miguel and hermie all rode in miguel's mini cooper. we ate at polvo's, the best mexican joint in america. We're still in austin.

more from little rock arkansas...

they dole out watermelon at house parties.
the watermelon/little rock series...
little rock- watermelon series
little rock- watermelon series
little rock- watermelon series

austin breakfast

our new friend miguel made us an awesome breakfast pita!
delish breakfast pita
delish breakfast pitas

little rock, ar- dead guy series

"most badass shit that ever went down"
-samuel t. herring
we hung out in the backyard before we noticed dead guy
little rock
little rock
little rock
sam broke his chair...
little rock
alex sat in broken chair
little rock