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sorry for the lack in posting.
devin's computer broke which had all of my photos from tour.
then my computer broke.
then my camera broke.
i now have a new computer but no photos or way to take photos... but the computer is a start.

soon. soon. soon.


dvn pwr's growing up!

our good friend RADIO SHOCK is on tour with DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS & HYLAND HOLOGRAM (super group- Mincemeat Or Tenspeed teamed up with Dick Neff and Cars Will Burn). we're going to be playing with them next sunday (september 14th) night at new french bar in asheville.
devin's 21st birthday is the 17th so we're going to celebrate.
we haven't played at new french bar in a long time so please come dance with us!
sunday september 14th new french bar


weekend adventures in youtube

we played 4 shows this weekend with our good buddy adventure.
we so wish that we could have continued on, but alas, devin pwr has to go to school (less than a year left, yay!).... maybe then we can tour forever?

we had fun...
atlanta adventure

we watched lots of youtube.
thanks to adventure, my old favorite:

has been replaced by:

i love this kid's dance moves.

and then oddly, while watching this:

we clicked on another video and saw our good buddy jay in the video!

i'll leave you with charlie bit me