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for the non-posting lately.
we spent last week trying to get back into the swing of things with work and school- just to get back out of swing and return to new york for the weekend.
we'll be here for a couple of days before setting off for our string of shows with good pal/boy wonder adventure (whose record will be dropping in less than a month!).
after this we'll be taking a break and will finally start getting some more tour-goodness on the blog.
check out this piece on our kittery, maine show... it was wild.


back in NC!!!

we made it!
sorry again for the lack of pictures for the last leg of tour (the return to innocence leg)...i used a disposable a bit and will be posting new pics in the near future + other random photos/videos/things from along the way... so stay tuned!

i'm not sure photos could do the last 5 shows justice anyway. they were all phenomenal in their own way... i will be describing them soon.
read about our providence, ri show here

check out tons of whartscape pictures here here



Future Islands is recording at a radio station. We are going to find tacos.



Crazy storm over manhattan

Next Weekend

We'll be back in NYC.
Only $5!


was not a bad place to be stranded.
Inside this store was a wonderful assortment of natural & organic products + a "light lunch."
I got a carrot/apple/ginger juice.


Does anyone remember these chips from the 80s?
They're still alive & well (& delicious) in middle america.

Storm cloud

In chicago


Somewhere between Michigan & Connecticut


Thank you oh so!

hi everyone
i'm sorry we haven't updated in a while. The internet has been scarce & I caught a terrible cold during our extended stay in montana. Thanks to you dudes, we got almost the exact amount of $ to get the van fixed!!!
i'm sorry we haven't had time write all of you back but just please know how thankful we are for all of your help and good vibes.
Once we get back home I will be contacting you to see what merch you would like and shipping it off.
I also lost part of my camera so pictures will be few, but I can still post pics from my phone and we have a film camera, too.
We can't say thank you enough- we <3 you all.

*sent from sarah & devin's mobile device



we spent lot of money to get the van "fixed" today in idaho.
unfortunately, they didn't fix the right problem and now we are stuck 60 miles from where we were yesterday.
basically, we've had to cancel some shows and we're broke.
if you would like to donate spare change to help us out, we would greatly appreciate it.
send us good vibes. we want to get out of montana and play shows!
we love you.

any donation will receive a future islands/ ear pwr summer tour cd.
***with a donation of $7 or more we'll mail you one of these dudes
-dan deacon/ future islands split 7"
- ear pwr- i like tacos and beach cd
- ear pwr- tre faux cd
***with a donation of $11 or more we'll mail you one of these duderz
- ear pwr t-shirt
- future islands t-shirt
- future islands wave like home cd
- both of ear pwr's cds

click the button below if you can help...


we're broken down again. We're in montana.

*sent from sarah & devin's mobile device

We're on the road

It's slow going.
This creamy cucumber is a good chip.


Still in idaho



The van broke today. We had to cancel our show tonight. I think we are in idaho. Let's hope someone can fix it tomorrow.


San Fran

Yesterday I found out that my uncle passed away unexpectedly. Its hard to be far away when something so sad is going on back home. The blog may be low-key in the coming days.
Yesterday Future Islands recorded in Oakland so devin and I spent the day in San Francisco. It is one of the nicest places I have ever been. It is cold & windy there. It was a lovely day. The pic is of the golden gate bridge. We're on our way to Oregon.