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this is a photo i took as we were leaving a train station somewhere in germany very early in the morning.  we were in the end cart by ourselves and we were facing the opposite of the direction the train was going. i felt weird.


having fun with foot village

CRK in wroclaw, poland



euro tour update

we are in faenza, italia right now.
we just had yummy cappuccini and they are preparing food for us right now.

italia has the best food ever, no question, so we are excited.

tour so far has been very good.
our favorite shows were in poland.
people are super enthusiastic about music there.

last night we played in salzburg, austria and it is one of the most beautiful cities i have ever seen.

before the show we had Glühwein.
it is usually prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar.
here's a crummy picture from my iphone of the Glühwein stand.

while we were here helicopters were flying around above us because tom cruise and cameron diaz are filming a movie in salzburg.

our hotel was right by this castle:

also, i am sick :(

mountains of austria

we drove through big mountains today.
small mountain


ahoj from ostrava, cz



hallo from europe

hallo buddies.
just wanted to let you know that we made it to europe and we are OKAY! (sort of)

last night at our first show in Berlin, Devin plugged our stuff in and it exploded.
not really, but it didn't work and lots of smelly smoke filled the suitcase.
we borrowed some european 9V adapters and used those instead of our converter.
we couldn't use our mixer or delay pedal cause they blew up.
but we got new ones and our very own adapters so we are set.

that was scary...

i can't post any pictures because the places we have been so far don't have wifi.
right now i am typing on a computer that looks as though it was hit by a bomb when it was made in 1992.

we are in wroclaw, poland right now. it's pretty neat/scary and people don't speak much english.
we had some sort of traditional meal tonight prepared by the venue and it was... not like anything we had ever eaten before.

last night i rode a motorcycle (that wasn't real) and the dj played all american songs after our set (think: beach boys, born in the usa, kids in america... etc). are those 2 things worth going broke in europe?



skeleton in the saddam closet

if you follow us on twitter or look at our tumblr... you may have seen our post about finding saddam in an ironing board cupboard at an apartment we were looking at.
he looked something like this:
notice dumbass scrawled backwards across his forhead and the "support your local poet" bumper sticker above him.
ugh! it couldn't get more dreadful could it?
well, we ended up getting the apartment.
nooooo, we didn't get it because of the saddam....
we did.
anyway... we found another surprise in the cupboard upon further examination.
yeah, that's a skeleton bound with twine and fake rose petals, face down nonetheless.
check it out:
and it has a neat drawing on it's forehead!
not sure what this is all about, but i put him back where i found him.
i really don't know what else to say. scary.


dublin day-after

when we visited dublin on our uk tour, future islands had a really good time. such a good time that we missed our ferry the next morning. i drove us to a neighboring town so that we could catch another ferry. we had some time to kill so devin and i walked around while they slept in the car. when we got back to the car, we found this guy making a lot of noise RIGHT by them. bwahahahaha.


CMJ Saturday October 24th (tmrw)

hello buddies,
we're playing a show at cameo gallery in williamsburg saturday night with Queens, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Montag, and Adventure

it's carpark's 10th anniversary party and it will be lots-o-fun.
we're gonna be playing brand new songs and partying hardy.

we go on @ 11
hope you can make it

93 North 6th street in Williamsburg near the Bedford L stop.

$8 or free with CMJ badge


we're back!

we'll be posting here again... and still on the tumblr too!
here's where we've been:
"...the primary rule of rock 'n' roll: that spontaneity is at the heart of all great rock music, that you need to be able to react instantly to the circumstance and context, that the idiot boards and sound-bites television saddled us with lead to a deadening of the senses.  art constantly changes.  that's why it's art.  it's not there to be documented and pored over in stuffy galleries and libraries.  except everyone needs a vocation.  everyone needs a little history so they can understand their own situation better."


really, tumblr

we're mostly posting to the tumblr on this tour because it's so easy.
so visit our TUMBLR instead for a while....


color variation

pink on grey


I swore I wouldn't do these again

but I did.
new shirts with a "darker feel." hand screen printed and tie dyed by
ear pwr



for more personal [not always ear pwr related stuffs] you can visit sarah pwr's tumblr, es pwr

showbeast + ear pwr


new shirts/grey tie tye

(sans the ear pwr face)


nice emails/ thanks

we got a couple of emails this week that contained drawings folks had made for us.
i don't think we've ever received drawings specifically for us from strangers before, so it is odd that we got two in the same week.
check them out!

and i guess this person thinks that robbie (or "stache man") is in ear pwr... he's not, but that's ok :)


we just wanted to say THANKS!

if you ever wanna email us anything, we're happy to hear from you


devin booze

rad rad rad house in little rock

they didn't paint over where we signed their wall last summer!

gross beach in texas

livery "car"

leaving CA


hiking in oregon

camping in Oregon

Devin with a dog

in seattle

house bus

in san francisco

Devin with a lizard

in seattle



ice cream social at moxie clothing in greenville in the day
greenville 4 ice cream social
party at night at lucky's
greenville 2
greenville 1


asheville/ r.i.p mj


knoxville after show



geezo pizzo little rock

even on a tuesday night in the middle of summer you wild out.
drunk kitty

little rock love
crazy little rock
sexy music
dead guy
burt reynolds
to learn our history with little rock, read here, here and here

little rock, this one's for you:


come again?

drive thru in Louisiana



we ate pizza at a fancy restaurant with our buddy juan
fancy dining
and drank fancy magaritas
hung out with a fancy cat
kennedy ii
bought fancy bracelets
friendship bracelets
some people from winston-salem, nc were at one of our shows! how crazy is that?
winston salem peeps
more juan vigoda... gah
then devin touched a big cactus in arizona
big cactus in arizona