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toyota across america

excerpt from you tube:

"Agency films takes a 1983 Toyota corolla wagon across the united states to every major city. These traveling filmmakers interview artists, film makers, bands, skaters and celebrities along the way. How much culture can one car take?"

music by us!


hamster dance

the other day devin and i were talking about the hamster dance.
in the early days of the internet, kids would pull up this page in class and yeah... it was funny.
it's still just as awesome as ever, but when we searched for the hamster dance we also found this video by our new friend ray roy.

it's pretty much the shit.


vote for us= save the earth

so, we entered this earth day contest and if we win the electronic category we'll get to play at the orange peel (like whoa)
The concert, which will raise funds for earth-friendly projects, is scheduled for April 22 from 7:00 p.m. to midnight at the Orange Peel. The event is being organized by Quality Forward, a Keep America Beautiful affiliate.

if you click the image below it will take you to a form that will register you to vote. there are also lots of other categories and bands you can check out/ vote for, too.