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not for those with motion sickness

here's some bumpy footage from our summer tour with future islands.
lots of little clips from my digital camera, mostly from the desert and our time stranded in montana.
music by lucky dragons.

miguel's big beer

at el chapala


teeny video from election night show

Originally uploaded by Gnome Harvest
what a night....



mani cooper

mani lives with my parents now. My mom was packing for a flight to
Philly & mani was trying to get into this little cosmetic bag.
he looked away when i snapped the pic, so cute.


we got to hang with our buddies abe vigoda tuesday night in chapel hill.
we love them a lot.
vigoda pwr

check out my flickr for more pics.


election night show at modaddy's in asheville

we had a super show election night.
i'm not sure if it was "super" in quality, considering we had known for about an hour that obama won when we played (so we had been partying hardy for a while)...
but it was great that so many people came out to dance when they could've been glued to their television sets. a crew came from knoxville and boy do they know how to dance.
election night in asheville
apparently i left my camera unattended at some point in the night...
knoxville crazy
election night in asheville

meet sophie

i found this video on an old camera of mine from a couple of years ago.
(bitches get stitches)


barack the casbah <3