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mani 1278689431

i know, i need to start a "mani sleeping" blog. i couldn't resist this
one though! why is he sleeping with his legs off the bed?!
i'm a crazy cat lady... srry

super animal bros. iii

is now available for pre-order!
super animal bros. iii

you can order the cd here
and the LP here

oh yeah, and you'll get this sweet keychain with these dorks on it if you pre-order
drawing by al bowman, photo by


this is a GOLD, LIQUID.

since sxsw i have been sick as hell.
i thought i was dying the first couple of days, then i thought i was getting better, then i thought i was dying again.
i tried healing myself with natural remedies, but this was one fight my body couldn't handle alone.
today, after coughing up something i am not going to describe, i decided it was time to visit the doctor.

so of course, i was prescribed some strong antibiotics. as the doc began to exit the room, i mentioned that i hadn't slept in 4 days because i can't breathe/ stop coughing at night.
"do you know of a cough syrup that would help with that?" i asked.
the doctor closed the door and looked at me super seriously.
"i do. it is a...narcotic. is that ok?"
i got scared and said.... "y-y-yeah i guess"

when i picked up my prescription, the pharmacist took one look at the bottle of cough syrup and said "oh, this will make you feel a LOT better. yeah, you're gonna feel reaaalll good" i laughed a little, but mostly felt weird and got out of there as fast as i could.

on the way home i started thinking that maybe i had some......."sizzurp"

this suspicion was confirmed when i got home and noticed "this is a GOLD, LIQUID." on the bottle.
"ohhhh. ok. that's what all the fuss was about", i thought. "this is a GOLD, LIQUID."
this is a gold, liquid
i guess that explains why it was 60 bucks, too.


oh mani cooper!

saturday night

bring your butt

do the stanky legg

while your at it, will you "hit da booty do, hit da booty do"?


ear pwr is finally a real boy... uh i mean band

cos now you can get our music on iTunes!

Ear Pwr - Tre Faux

mmmmm summer jamz...
i like tacos and beach.

Ear Pwr - I Like Tacos and Beach - EP

and pretty soon we'll have a cd with a bar code on it! wow-wee!



i didn't take any pics in austin.

ok, so i took this one :

but i did take a few pics in little rock, arkansas:
devin and lesser enjoying punch

devin and a random dog named buddy
devin and buddy

remember dead guy? turns out he is alive!
(see dead guy here)
dead guy is alive

i am sick as hell. they made me some tea
i am sick.

burt reynolds? remember burt reynolds? he is my brother
remember burt reynolds?

look at these rich dudes (not)

what is lesser doing? well he is dialing up pizza
pizza button


"your eyes just rolled back in your head like a shark!"
little rock/ right now

sent from ear pwr's iPhone!


mini golf in austin 2

carpark taco!!!

mini golf in austin

lesser gonzalez alvarez the score keeper



club 1808



mississippi river



hey if you're gonna be around during sxsw come check out an ear pwr show, it'll be fun!!!!!

wednesday, march 18th
-club 1808 @ 3:30 pm

thursday, march 19th
-end of an ear between 11 am & 12:30 pm

-carpark records/​pawtracks showcase @ volume

friday, march 20th
-treasure city, anarchist thrift store @ 2:30 pm


weak week in review

we moved some stuff to baltimore. here is a pic from our bedroom window in our new house (dale earnhouse)

we shot a music video with ray roy in nyc

we hung out in ray's technodome. we looked at a picture of a giraffe.

ray and felicia roasted a chicken for us. we also had raw oysters.

we played a show at the zodiac in baltimore. we hung out in a red hallway.

we played a show in asheville.


publicity stunt

j slash k, we really moving.

from asheville paper:
mountain xpress<








his nose must be cold



remember when america was thrivin?
we do.

this is the first video sarah remembers seeing as a kid:

this is the first video devin remembers seeing

the origin of "i like waterslide"

after writing that little true hollywood story about sparkley sweater, it made me start thinking about the origin of other songs.
and that brought me to "i like waterslide."
i am an artist for whole foods and one summer afternoon i went to the meat department to redo their big "specials" chalkboards.
there i found arthur, a big lovable teddy bear of a dude who liked to talk a lot, though i could rarely understand what he was saying...
on this day he was going on and on about how he took his kids to the waterpark the previous day.
he said that he packed a big cooler full of beer and snacks because drinks and food were too expensive at the waterpark.
but do you know that they charged him ONE DOLLAR to bring that cooler in?
they CHARGED him to bring his own stuff in, which in his mind (and mine) was completely ridiculous. (splishing splashing in the water, come back here man give me my dollar.)
anyway he just kept going on about what a fun time they had and he told me how they got there right when it opened and they didn't leave until it closed, saying repetitively "we opened da park and we closed da park!"
soon after, arthur decided to be a stay at home dad.
check these girls out...

pretty much everywhere

it's gonna be hot