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EP updates

yo yo yo
we just got back from vacation on ocracoke island and we are juiced up and ready to par-tay.
we're currently taking a break from shows (with a few exceptions) to get ready for our summer tour with future islands (check the myspace for dates)!!!
we're also in the process of writing SEVeral new songs that should be ready and raring to go by the time we go on tour.
available soon- new T-SHIRTS... yay!
new tee
designed by alexander j. bowman
for the time being we'll just have pink, but hope to branch out to baby blue in the near future.

be sure to check out this dope mix put together by sexx luther
and this podcast which features some hot ass shit.

oh and we're playing with cof cof (the music currently on our blog) in nyc on august 23rd! crash mansion- be there!


don't be an asshole...

buy some handmade textiles!

i'm taking my good friend kelly kye to brooklyn today and leaving her there (she's moving!)
kelly makes incredible things spanning from those you would hang on your wall to those that keep you from getting filthy in the kitchen. she has a few of her pieces on etsy right now and it would be in your best interest to check that shit out and help my friend.
soften the blow that is moving from rural north cackalack to urban land.
these high quality textiles will make anyone smile.
go to her etsy shop, itiskellykye, now!

p.s. nevermind the chubby girl in some of the pics. that shit will look great on you!


top 10 bands of we fest

check out the top 10 bands of WE fest here
be sure to notice that hal sparks was in one of the bands. they played right after us (weird).