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dublin day-after

when we visited dublin on our uk tour, future islands had a really good time. such a good time that we missed our ferry the next morning. i drove us to a neighboring town so that we could catch another ferry. we had some time to kill so devin and i walked around while they slept in the car. when we got back to the car, we found this guy making a lot of noise RIGHT by them. bwahahahaha.


CMJ Saturday October 24th (tmrw)

hello buddies,
we're playing a show at cameo gallery in williamsburg saturday night with Queens, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Montag, and Adventure

it's carpark's 10th anniversary party and it will be lots-o-fun.
we're gonna be playing brand new songs and partying hardy.

we go on @ 11
hope you can make it

93 North 6th street in Williamsburg near the Bedford L stop.

$8 or free with CMJ badge


we're back!

we'll be posting here again... and still on the tumblr too!
here's where we've been:
"...the primary rule of rock 'n' roll: that spontaneity is at the heart of all great rock music, that you need to be able to react instantly to the circumstance and context, that the idiot boards and sound-bites television saddled us with lead to a deadening of the senses.  art constantly changes.  that's why it's art.  it's not there to be documented and pored over in stuffy galleries and libraries.  except everyone needs a vocation.  everyone needs a little history so they can understand their own situation better."