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Obama's Ride

the beast.

"The Obama Mobile was introduced on January 14 with noticeably different styling borrowed from the Cadillac Escalade and STS"


Mani cooper

Cutest slash fattest cat ever


oh canada!

so we went to canada like a month ago with our buddy narwhalz and whoa... it was an adventure and a half!
first we got stuck in a fierce snowstorm on a curvy mountain road in pennsylvania at 1 or so in the morning.
the mention of a steel mill in the distance sent the car sliding out of controll! then we saw a lone flare in the road... turned around and geez there was a big tree across the road. more sliding. so, we had to stop at a luxurious hotel and drink hot cocoa and eat christmas donuts by the fire and sleep on down comforters.
then we went through HELL at the border. i won't go into detail, but it was rough!
the show was insane. so fun! so cold!
then on the way back we went through even more hell at the border. whatever. then we partied in baltimore and that is all.
here's a pic of alex (who set up the show) and his boo stephanie and us



we played an awesome show put together by 307 knox records at bull city headquarters in durham, nc friday night.
we had never played in durham and we weren't quite sure what to expect...
I still don't have a working camera so the following are some pics from the show taken by our friend Brian.
You can see more at his flickr:

new favorite band: polka dot dot dot from olympia, washington

future islands. look at that, i can spot at least 3 hugs in the audience.




and oh my goodness, look at these cuties, elena & william
(this pic was taken by melissa of 307 knox)


new fave quote

"i don't give a fuck. my days of giving a fuck are OVER."
durham, nc • 1/9/2009


new year new ear

we spent new years in baltimore & had the best new year's eve ever.
2009 = baltimore

i love sunday youtubing.
today my focus was vintage cigarette commercials.
btw, i live in winston-salem.