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phoenix date added to tour!

june 17th @ modified arts w/ telepathe

funny pictures of cats with captions


cut. it. out.

we're in norfolk, va... meanwhile forrest is in asheville meeting dave coulier.
as a kid i loved his show "out of control" on nickelodeon. in this episode they search for the best taco!



ALEXANDER made this best-gif-i've-ever-seen!!!
mmmmm baja blast...

i recommend listening to the song while you look at the gif.
oh gawd.


terr dude

hey buddies.  we're going on tour as soon as devin graduates schoo in may.
we'll be with our friend adventure for a majority of the shows.  we hope you can come hang with us and dance around a little bit, too.
Glitter Graphics

May 2nd - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Docs

May 13th - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight

May 17th - Baltimore, MD @ The Zodiac with Mixel Pixel

May 19th - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio*

May 22nd - Washington, D.C. @ Comet Ping Pong*

May 23rd - Philadelphia, PA @ Pilam*

May 24th - New York, NY @ Cake Shop*

May 25th - Providence, RI @ Min Pin 4 Ever

May 26th - Boston, MA @ Church

May 27th - Kittery, ME @ Buoy Gallery

May 28th - Montreal, QC @ Zoo Bizarre

May 29th - Toronto, ONT @ Primary Color Presents

May 30th - Detroit, MI @ Division Street Boutique

May 31st - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's

June 1st - Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club

June 3rd - Kansas City, MO @ The Pistol Social Club

June 4th - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis

June 6th - Seattle, WA @ Healthy Times Fun Club

June 7th - Olympia, WA @ Northern

June 10th - Portland, OR @ Holocene*

June 12th - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern*

June 13th - San Jose, CA @ Nickel City Arcade*

June 14th - Los Angeles, CA @ Space 15 Twenty (1 p.m.)*

June 14th - Los Angeles, CA @ BBQ at Art and Mayhem (4 - 10 p.m.)*

June 15th - Los Angeles, CA @ Pehrspace*

June 16th - Irvine, CA @ Acrobatics Every Day*

June 19th - Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar*

June 20th - Dallas, TX @ The Handsome Kitten*

June 21st - Houston, TX @ Mango's Cafe*

June 22nd - New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar*

June 23rd - Little Rock, AK @ Rad Hizzy*

June 24th - Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light*

June 25th - Asheville, NC @ Mo Daddy's*

June 26th - Atlanta, GA @ 529*

June 27th - Durham, NC @ The Pin Hook*

June 28th - Greenville, NC @ Spazz Haus*

June 29th - Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar*

June 30th - Baltimore, MD @ The Zodiac*

July 2nd - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio*

* with Adventure

does youtube know me better than i know myself?

youtube just recommended 2 videos with corgis in them for me.
i don't like corgis.
i've never watched a video with a corgi in it.
ok, i'll watch.
and bam, now i like corgis and now i want a corgi.



i parked beside this car today.
i was talking on my phone b4 i went in the store but i kept looking over at this wolf and getting so scared.
i had to get off the phone and go inside, pronto.


"grave slot"

last night i went out for a burrito.
when i checked my phone later, i had several missed calls from a number i didn't recognize-
and 3 voicemails.
they are so bizarre that i had to share-
i took out some of the names cos i feel (sorta) bad putting someone's personal junk on a blog.

1st first voicemail:
(***in a very, very southern, raspy young woman's voice)
"Jeremy, i want you to call me.
this is Sxx.
ain't nobody takin your mama's grave slot.
i don't know how this whole story got started up.....
but i'd like to talk to ya.


2nd voicemail:

3rd voicemail:
"alexis stop runnin!
i would like for you to please give me a call.
i don't know how this mess got started.
no one said they were gonna take that grave slot.
i just asked.
Txxxx had already had a spot when i got-
no one in my family told me to call and ask about that grave slot.
i did that out of my own will.
so if you're mad at anyone please get mad at me.
not the rest of my family.


and this morning i had another voicemail:
uh. please call me. this is Sxx.
i just wanted to clear up the record.
uh, i don't know what all Lxxxx said.
what all Lxxxx told. i don't know.
there's nobody down here runnin your family down- that i've been heard of.
and nobody's takin your mama's grave.
or just ask your mama call me and i'll assure you- your mom... nobody's takin her grave.
nobody was takin her grave to start with.
cos Txxxx had already found a spot when i was just askin
nobody told me-
my brother, my dad
nobody told me to call and ask y'all.
that was all my own doing.
so don't get mad at my family. was me, jeremy.

and i'll talk to you later, bye"



i've been looking through old myspace messages trying to find something specific... & in doing so i came across this message we sent future islands back before knew them. ear pwr had only been playing shows for about a month at the time... and we didn't know shit.
(devin wrote this btw)

From: EAR PWR.
Date: Sep 22, 2006 8:14 AM

Hello Future Islands!

We are EAR PWR(former Hide And Seek) from Winston Salem/Asheville.
I think we saw art lord every time you came to the werehouse and I saw future islands here in asheville a while back. you guys sure put on an amazing show.

Anyways, the reason i am writing this message is to ask you if you wanted to play a show with us and the ZOM ZOMS (Austin TX) in Greensboro on October the 26th. We need another band to play and you would be perfect.
We also have a dj that is going to be spinning all night long.
pretty neat huh?
And the next night, we will be playing with the zom zoms again in your home town at the spazzatorium.
so yes.
That is all i have to say.
What do you think?
we love you guys so much



can't take it



dan's ensemble @ orange peel

dan is somewhere in the crowd.

(mobile post from iPhone)

futr islands @ the orange peel

sound checking

in avl. wow

(mobile post from iPhone)



Glitter Graphics
hey dudes!
our buddy george brazil did a remix of the title track on our upcoming album super animal brothers iii.
it's pretty hot.  you can check it on our myspace or here:

Super Animal Brothers III (George Brazil RMX) - EAR PWR
hope you like it!