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ice cream social at moxie clothing in greenville in the day
greenville 4 ice cream social
party at night at lucky's
greenville 2
greenville 1


asheville/ r.i.p mj


knoxville after show



geezo pizzo little rock

even on a tuesday night in the middle of summer you wild out.
drunk kitty

little rock love
crazy little rock
sexy music
dead guy
burt reynolds
to learn our history with little rock, read here, here and here

little rock, this one's for you:


come again?

drive thru in Louisiana



we ate pizza at a fancy restaurant with our buddy juan
fancy dining
and drank fancy magaritas
hung out with a fancy cat
kennedy ii
bought fancy bracelets
friendship bracelets
some people from winston-salem, nc were at one of our shows! how crazy is that?
winston salem peeps
more juan vigoda... gah
then devin touched a big cactus in arizona
big cactus in arizona


from olympia to san jose

we played a show in an arcade in san jose

now we're in LA!


i hate blog posts like this...

where you sum up a week or more....
it's lame, but sometimes you have to do it!

so what's been going on?
we went to denver-
...we saw some rockies
rocky mountains and robbie
...we made it to the west coast!
we made it to the west coast!
...we went to kurt cobain's house....
hanging on kurt's bench
kurt cobains's house
kurt's house
we went camping in oregon.
oh we're camping.  camping dudes
camping yeah!
yay!  baked beans


middle america

packing the car in iowa
devin's new hat
we played a show in kansas city wednesday night at pistol social club.
here is a video of one of the cats that lives there, flora.
she is very gentle and dainty.

and here's a pic of her
flora in kansas city
both of our mics broke. the electribe shut off which sent our sampler into a frenzy and everything stopped working all together.
we thought the show was over, but all of the kids at the show got on the floor and started doing pushups to try and summon enough energy to get our stuff to work... and they did!
well, the mics didn't, but the sampler and the electribe came back to life after about 5 minutes.

the next day, as we were driving to denver we got stuck in a bad storm.
then a tornado warning alert came on the radio as we were passed by a tornado intercept vehicle and a team of trucks.
the tornado intercept vehicle was the craziest thing i have ever seen.
i couldn't get a good picture, but you can see a pic of a similar one
it was scary.
here's a bad video i took as we were freaking out:

and we made it out alive.


a day off + some adult emotions.

day off.
day off..
taco johns
day off...
day off....
day off .....

canada drive pretty

a drive through canada
i've been slacking on taking pictures lately.
first because my camera got soaked and now because the batteries are dead.
i bought new ones today.

here's a verbal, succint summary of what's been going on.
providence- awesome.
boston- terrible
portsmouth- cold and rainy, but OK
montreal- cancelled
toronto- awesome. we played in a united steelworkers of america. the room had dividers and different bands played in different rooms. with each wall that opened the room got bigger. we love toronto.
detroit- cool space
chicago- pretty ok
milwaukee- surprisingly FUN.

here are two videos from our drive through canada.
one is really foggy because of my wet camera.
the other is to show how pretty it really was.

also, when we crossed the border from canada to michigan we had to go inside and be searched.
inside there was a poster hanging with a parrot on it.
above the parrot it said "don't smuggle me. i could be sick"
it is, by far, the best thing i've seen on tour.