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come to the night light in chapel hill!!!

our record, we less than 3, is dropping on saturday, october 6th.
i really, really, really want people to come.
even if there's something way bigger and better happening somewhere else.
do i have to offer cupcakes? because i will. it seemed to work the last time. is it really going to come down to bribery?
there will be scrumptious cupcakes hand-crafted by sarah pwr.
i mean, even if you aren't interested in buying this badass record you should come anyway. eat a little cupcake, drink a little beer. and god knows your legs will get a work out. everyone could use a good solid leg workout.


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Julien said...

i just want to know when you guys are legally changing your last names to PWR.

Rachel said...

play in asheville again, because even if i do work, i can come after 9 pm when i get off. and i want to hear/possibly purchase the next album(en).

sarah pwr said...

julien: you'll be the first to know. we might hyphenate devin's last name, so it will be booze-pwr.

rachel: we're playing in asheville november 6th (its a tuesday) at the new french bar.
please come!