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best worst week ever

we played 2 shows at new french bar last week. one on tuesday the 6th and one on saturday the 10th.
videohippos were supposed to play the 6th, but they had to cancel because of some sick-ness.
the show went on, but afterwards drama ensued & that probably made it the worst show ever.
on the 10th, devin recorded future islands' song for the future islands/ear pwr split 7"
split 7"
tron valdez cancelled that night, so to fill the void we played a short set with woman (knoxville), future islands (greenville/ asheville/baltimore) and vandertramp (asheville)
and although it was if-y at first, it turned into one of the craziest nights ever...

new french bar 11/10
compliments of heidi

new french bar 11/10
we got kruuuunk

new french bar 11/10
moby's spirit embodied us all
new french bar 11/10

new french bar 11/10
jack ramshaw touched himself

new french bar 11/10
jack ramshaw made videos

new french bar 11/10
jack ramshaw fell on the ground

new french bar 11/10
future islands drank (while they played)

and hey, if you mess with us again... you will get the snake tongue.... WATCH OUT!
new french bar 11/10


Jack said...

I look so gone in that one where I'm holding the mic

sarah pwr said...

i think you were gone when you got there...