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a day in L.A.

we drove from san diego to L.A. last night.
we are staying with our friend jay from brooklyn who's out here working on a documentary. jay is staying with his friends otto and taylor. they live in an amazing hollywood bachelor pad. we can see the hollywood sign and the paramount tower from their balcony.
so, we awoke to an incredible breakfast prepared by taylor.
as we were finishing up...
it was crazy. we all ran to doorways until it was over (which was a few seconds)
then we walked around hollywood and saw the sights.
i bought some fantastic shoes.
we ate at a fish taco place. the only things on the menu were fish tacos and shrimp tacos.
we went to danzing's house and i took sam's picture in front of it. danzig's assistant was scoping us out. he was wearing a danzig shirt. we played at the smell tonight. devin and i had to be there early for a photo shoot with drew reynolds (
the show was great. then jay made us guacamole. that is all. here are some images from the day.
we are in l.a.
glenn danzig's
in taylor and ottos place
weird face booze got burned
weird face booze
willy c. & weird face booze
jay made us

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