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Thank you oh so!

hi everyone
i'm sorry we haven't updated in a while. The internet has been scarce & I caught a terrible cold during our extended stay in montana. Thanks to you dudes, we got almost the exact amount of $ to get the van fixed!!!
i'm sorry we haven't had time write all of you back but just please know how thankful we are for all of your help and good vibes.
Once we get back home I will be contacting you to see what merch you would like and shipping it off.
I also lost part of my camera so pictures will be few, but I can still post pics from my phone and we have a film camera, too.
We can't say thank you enough- we <3 you all.

*sent from sarah & devin's mobile device


dont sweat the stereo said...

dearest ear pwr. oh how i love you so. thank you very very very much for rocking the fuck out of narwhal arms last night. any pictures from the show would be awesome.

thanks again!

ear pwr said...

thank you!
that show was defintely in the top 5 shows we've ever played.
we took some pics with a disposable camera and we'll post as soon as we get them back... <3