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oh canada!

so we went to canada like a month ago with our buddy narwhalz and whoa... it was an adventure and a half!
first we got stuck in a fierce snowstorm on a curvy mountain road in pennsylvania at 1 or so in the morning.
the mention of a steel mill in the distance sent the car sliding out of controll! then we saw a lone flare in the road... turned around and geez there was a big tree across the road. more sliding. so, we had to stop at a luxurious hotel and drink hot cocoa and eat christmas donuts by the fire and sleep on down comforters.
then we went through HELL at the border. i won't go into detail, but it was rough!
the show was insane. so fun! so cold!
then on the way back we went through even more hell at the border. whatever. then we partied in baltimore and that is all.
here's a pic of alex (who set up the show) and his boo stephanie and us

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