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what's goin on + DREAM

been slacking at the blog lately :S

we've been really busy= devin finishing up school, moving to baltimore, practicing for tour, making tee shirts, blahblahblah.
devin graduates from unca on may 16th.
new tshirts

last night i dreamed that ear pwr went to my middle school to perform for my old band instructor's current class.
i'm sure he doesn't teach anymore and might not even be alive... he was pretty old.
and SO mean. but i liked him. one time i dyed my hair green and the principle sent me home. later that day, mr. olsen stopped class and said, "i thought you had green hair this morning?" i said "yeah, they made me go home and bleach it out." he got really pissed and said it was "bullshit." it was totally out of character for him to talk about anything other than what we were doing in class. and of course, as an 12 year old, i thought it was really cool that he said "bullshit."

in the dream, we played through this teeny tiny amp that i got with a guitar for christmas one year.
so of course, we sounded bad.
all the kids were pretty disinterested and didn't think that what we were doing was music.
they were bored out of their minds & eventually walked out...peering into our suitcase for a sec before they made their way out the door- kinda like passing a casket at a visitation. 
and mr. olsen sat on his chair with his arms crossed and his usual look of disappointment and disgust as we struggled to play through the minature amp.

ug, what does this mean?

*point of interest- devin's dad is a middle school band teacher.  but he's really nice :)

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