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kickstarter fundraiser for National Parks


Over the last few months, we have been preparing a mystical music video to complement the single National Parks from our new self-titled album. This will not be your average music video. There will be neon bodies, smoke bombs, sparkly mushrooms, mountains, singing waterfalls, starry eyes, and things you can only imagine... for the time being, at least. We are taking it to the next level. We want this video to be phenomenal for you. The only things standing in our way are our bank accounts. So we're asking you, our lovely friends, to help support us in bringing a little happiness to the world.

It will cost us $2,500 to make this baby. $2,500 may seem like a lot. It seems like a lot to us. But when you take into consideration that we will have to rent camera/lighting equipment and a generator + get a cast and crew of nearly 30 ppl to the mountains + take care of them for a couple of days and purchase props it's really a miniscule budget. It doesn't even begin to cover the time and effort that our producer and director/editor are putting into this pro bono. We would gladly fund this project ourselves but our monies were depleted after paying for the recording of our new album, photography and plane tickets to the UK for ATP.

Why make the video?
Because we want to bring the beauty of the song to life and showcase the place where we grew up. We'd love to contribute a bit of joy to this world that’s so often full of doom and gloom and we think this video would be a great vehicle to do so.

If you're interested in helping us make this marvelous concept a reality and would like to get some sick ear pwr goodies in the process, please take the time to hop over to our kickstarter and learn more.

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