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chapel hill last night

we played a radradrad house/workshop party out in the country last night at the home of the frequeNC records duders, charlie and jon.
on our way out there we were getting kind of skeptical as to if people would venture out that far off of the beaten path for a show.
it was dark.
really dark.
lots of deer.
lots of nothing else but deer.

but-we were way wrong. i have no idea how all of those people found their way out there.... it was at max capacity faux shaux.
lots of dancing.
lots of girls fighting.
someone broke their leg.
and i saw SEVERAL people vomit.
who could ask for anything more?

some random souljahs wandered in during our set and took the mic for a bit during sk8 odyssey which was pretty much the highlight of my night.

after the show we went to gumby's for some delicious pizza.
we had been planning this ALL week.
of course, as we place our order a homeless lady robs the place!
then one of the employees calls 911 & decides it would be a good idea to lock us all in with the bum robber so she can't escape.
needless to say we had to wait for a good while for the cops to get there- and to get our pizza. all while being cramped in like a 3 ft x 7 ft space with 10 other strangers wanting pizza and a homeless lady with cash stuffed into all of her pockets.
i will say- the pizza was worth the wait. we even saved two pieces for breakfast this morning. mmmmmm.

i wanted to try out my new camera last night but it was too wildandcrazykids for that. right as i went to pick it up during our set someone poured an entire beer on my head so- i put it away immediately.

i did take a picture of this ultra-rare 'hide and seek' tape that charlie and jon have... which i guess is how they found out about ear pwr in the first place....
hide and seek vhs

and of our breakfast///////yum
ear pwr breakfast

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