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philly photo shoot

we had a photoshoot last weekend in philadelphia with dustin fenstermacher.
visit him here:
here's a little sample of what went down....
we also hung out with dev's cousin raleigh who is in his first year of teaching in philadelphia.
he taught us some new hip phrases that that kids use these days.... like drawlin' and dick eatin'

1. acting up.
yo what you drawlin for?

2. Acting out of character. Not being yourself. Doing something that would be considered unorthodox.

3. Cockblocking. Not letting one(s) be themself.

4. Doing something someone else does not like.
Yo, you drawlin comin to church high.

Bull wont let us in the party- he drawlin.

My grandmom drawlin puttin me on punishment.

dick eatin'
1. unfavorable; negative towards oneself
Yo, you dick eatin'

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