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this is a GOLD, LIQUID.

since sxsw i have been sick as hell.
i thought i was dying the first couple of days, then i thought i was getting better, then i thought i was dying again.
i tried healing myself with natural remedies, but this was one fight my body couldn't handle alone.
today, after coughing up something i am not going to describe, i decided it was time to visit the doctor.

so of course, i was prescribed some strong antibiotics. as the doc began to exit the room, i mentioned that i hadn't slept in 4 days because i can't breathe/ stop coughing at night.
"do you know of a cough syrup that would help with that?" i asked.
the doctor closed the door and looked at me super seriously.
"i do. it is a...narcotic. is that ok?"
i got scared and said.... "y-y-yeah i guess"

when i picked up my prescription, the pharmacist took one look at the bottle of cough syrup and said "oh, this will make you feel a LOT better. yeah, you're gonna feel reaaalll good" i laughed a little, but mostly felt weird and got out of there as fast as i could.

on the way home i started thinking that maybe i had some......."sizzurp"

this suspicion was confirmed when i got home and noticed "this is a GOLD, LIQUID." on the bottle.
"ohhhh. ok. that's what all the fuss was about", i thought. "this is a GOLD, LIQUID."
this is a gold, liquid
i guess that explains why it was 60 bucks, too.


Stockard Channing said...

Don't use a car-machine.

ear pwr said...

i almost took some last night before i used the car-machine. then i picked up the bottle and re-read. decided it best to use the car-machine first, then take the GOLD, LIQUID.

George Brazil said...

"That GOLD, LIQUID wouldn't last longer than a few days around that creep George Brazil...he'd be layed out on his couch watching Akira Kurosawa movies and playing Nintendo DS(probably Lego Star Wars or Konami Classics" A direct quote about George Brazil by George Brazil.