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the origin of "i like waterslide"

after writing that little true hollywood story about sparkley sweater, it made me start thinking about the origin of other songs.
and that brought me to "i like waterslide."
i am an artist for whole foods and one summer afternoon i went to the meat department to redo their big "specials" chalkboards.
there i found arthur, a big lovable teddy bear of a dude who liked to talk a lot, though i could rarely understand what he was saying...
on this day he was going on and on about how he took his kids to the waterpark the previous day.
he said that he packed a big cooler full of beer and snacks because drinks and food were too expensive at the waterpark.
but do you know that they charged him ONE DOLLAR to bring that cooler in?
they CHARGED him to bring his own stuff in, which in his mind (and mine) was completely ridiculous. (splishing splashing in the water, come back here man give me my dollar.)
anyway he just kept going on about what a fun time they had and he told me how they got there right when it opened and they didn't leave until it closed, saying repetitively "we opened da park and we closed da park!"
soon after, arthur decided to be a stay at home dad.
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M*P*Lockwood said...

Hmmm. I have no reason to doubt this story of Waterslide's lyrical origins, but are you trying to convince us that it's NOT actually based on the PJ Harvey song "Down By The Water"? - skip to 2:05

"Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water / Come back here man bring me my daughter"

It even has the shakers! I'm calling you out EAR PWR!

ear pwr said...

oh yeah, that line is a DEFINITEly a reference to p.j. harvey, no doubt!!!
i figured that went without saying :)
but the song was not born out of that reference, it was just added in for fun.