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middle america

packing the car in iowa
devin's new hat
we played a show in kansas city wednesday night at pistol social club.
here is a video of one of the cats that lives there, flora.
she is very gentle and dainty.

and here's a pic of her
flora in kansas city
both of our mics broke. the electribe shut off which sent our sampler into a frenzy and everything stopped working all together.
we thought the show was over, but all of the kids at the show got on the floor and started doing pushups to try and summon enough energy to get our stuff to work... and they did!
well, the mics didn't, but the sampler and the electribe came back to life after about 5 minutes.

the next day, as we were driving to denver we got stuck in a bad storm.
then a tornado warning alert came on the radio as we were passed by a tornado intercept vehicle and a team of trucks.
the tornado intercept vehicle was the craziest thing i have ever seen.
i couldn't get a good picture, but you can see a pic of a similar one
it was scary.
here's a bad video i took as we were freaking out:

and we made it out alive.

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