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hallo from europe

hallo buddies.
just wanted to let you know that we made it to europe and we are OKAY! (sort of)

last night at our first show in Berlin, Devin plugged our stuff in and it exploded.
not really, but it didn't work and lots of smelly smoke filled the suitcase.
we borrowed some european 9V adapters and used those instead of our converter.
we couldn't use our mixer or delay pedal cause they blew up.
but we got new ones and our very own adapters so we are set.

that was scary...

i can't post any pictures because the places we have been so far don't have wifi.
right now i am typing on a computer that looks as though it was hit by a bomb when it was made in 1992.

we are in wroclaw, poland right now. it's pretty neat/scary and people don't speak much english.
we had some sort of traditional meal tonight prepared by the venue and it was... not like anything we had ever eaten before.

last night i rode a motorcycle (that wasn't real) and the dj played all american songs after our set (think: beach boys, born in the usa, kids in america... etc). are those 2 things worth going broke in europe?


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